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Co-author of The Seven Women Project and Houston-based, Karen karen_homeMcCullough is a business keynote speaker and consultant focusing on change and generational challenges. Karen loves learning, trending, is open to technology and  wants to share her insight with others. Karen believes that her programs set people up for today and future success. Her well-researched content focuses on how people and organizations can evolve, grow and  discover their excellence. Karen is known for challenging and motivating her audiences to take the necessary steps to achieve positive results. She has the ability to bring out great leadership qualities in all audiences, no matter their age or position.

She gives a fun, energy-shot messages about the generations in a way that makes you laugh and recognize yourself without feeling picked on.  Karen studies workplace treads and develops creative solutions that help people work together in harmony. Her goal is to help you be more productive, stimulate innovation, and increase profits. In a world that is becoming increasingly disconnected Karen’s work fills an immediate need to bridge the communication and generation gap by focusing on the solutions found in technology, social media, personal branding and the opportunities of change.

Connect and hire Karen and you will give us a big Texas thank you!

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