Good Girls Don’t Get Fat-Dr. Robyn Silverman-Weight Obsession Effects Our Business

Dr. Robyn Silverman gave us great information on how we have been fed negative messages since childhood and how that affects us in our businesses today.  She shared her own personal journey and what she learned. (Listen to interview, you can download on your ipod)


Then Dr. Silverman took to the streets talking to women across the country and uncovering how this seemingly simple yet profoundly impactful message has grown to mind staggering proportions.

Watch her video and ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • What feelings are surfacing for me and how can I turn them around so that my mind chatter supports me instead?
  • What were the messages I still say to myself now and is there something I can replace that message with that affirms my assets?
  • Who can I share this video and book with so that I am helping another women.

Share with us how this video has impacted you and how we can help you?

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