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Not everyone will make the front page of Fast Company or Forbes top 100 list. Yet, women ownedbusinesses are still the back bone of our economy here in the USA. Women In Business Radio is here to empower and give women in business a place to grow their reputation as well as awareness of other women they can connect with growing a stronger network.

Big Changes for Women in Business radio, we have joined with our brother show at Breakthrough Business Strategies radio and will be a part of that timeline now. Breakthrough Business Strategies airs at 12pm ET and after their featured guest at 1:15pm ET we will roll right into Women in Business Segment. This benefits Women in Business radio by spotlighting our Women owned businesses on the same channel as our high profile business guests each week, expanding their reach. Join us as we make your Monday’s a power packed way to start your week.

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Featured Guest

Bon Crowder, math mom, business woman and education champion. She is the creator of Math Is Not a Four Letter Word, a math education website supporting parents and teachers.

It has become socially acceptable, even desirable, to do poorly in math.  It’s detrimental to the next generation for them to witness this in their role models. Furthermore, each generation that’s proud of its inability to do math, will contribute to the spiraling decline in our global math competency.

Bon is dedicated to teaching parents strategies to create a positive math environment in their home, so their children can grow up in a numerate world and crush this cycle. She does this through free content on her site as well as through speaking engagements and family numeracy and literacy programs like Count 10 Read

Follow, connect & communicate with Bon Crowder:BonCrowderSprittibee




Math Is Not a Four Letter Word

WIBradio Savvy Tip

Stephanie Calahan will be sharing another of her time worthy productivity tips. What will you be practicing next week and being more efficient?

Connect here with Stephanie Calahan:


Productive & Organized blog



Each week we bring you experts in their area of expertise to share an executable tip you can put into place to help you improve your performance.
Announcements For Women in Business

You will want to check out the Hashtag Chat | Social Media Conversation on Twitter


For those of you who are in the Speaking industry (or want to be in) there is a twitter chat that you will want to participate in called Speak Chat.

  • Do you speak to market your business?
  • Do you speak as your business?

Join us For #Speakchat every Monday 9pm ET

This week is open mic

Here is where you can join us- this tool we use for our chats allows Facebook and Linkedin to join us expanding our reach for a social media conversation-chat.

#Speakchat (<<<Click)

We have had almost 9 million impressions from #Speakchat, in one session come join the conversation.

Previous Guests have been Olivier Blanchard.

Here are details for you The vision for Speak Chat is simple… Creating a community of individuals and companies who revolve around the professional speaking industry. You are welcome if you are a speaker, authors, event planner, PR professionals, speaker bureau, publishers, conferences, vendors of the industry i.e. video, sound, product productions…the list is rather long which is what will make this an exciting chat. Our goal is to have weekly topics that share and expand all of our knowledge, connections and of course business.

Our purpose for Speak Chat is to be educational and not marketing in our conversations (just for clarification) Visit here for details on what happens in #SpeakChat It is every Monday 9pm ET if you are unfamiliar with twitter chat you can read up on this one click>> here.

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Sponsors to Women In Business Radio are able to gain great visibility with our listeners. Let’s talk and see if it will serve your business needs?

We have come along way baby!

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